Study with Phillippe Petit Aug 9-15

Action Maverick Master Class Tightrope

An exploration into the theater of balance with Philippe Petit

Maverick  Action Class with Phillipe Petite For the first time ever, the man who walked between the twin towers and authored the only treatise on wire walking, will conduct a series of intensive two-days master classes to a limited group of selected applicants interested in the performing arts and poetry.

The students who attend the master class will be introduced to the essence of balance, to the art of tightrope walking, and to the subtleties of performing.

To share with the group his unique view on the aerial theater of balance, Philippe Petit will show slides of his work and speak about his self-taught discovery of the wire. Additionally, there will be an introduction to the world history of tight-rope walking.

Master class #1: August 9–10
Master class #2: August 11–12
Master class #3: August 14–15

Streb Lab for Action Mechanics
51 North 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-6491

$1,200 per master class
The master class fee covers the two-day master class event, taught by Philippe Petit. At the end of the master class, you will receive a limited edition Man on Wire Streb Action Maverick Master Class t-shirt. Please note that housing costs, any travel/parking arrangements, and meals must be provided by you separately and are not included in the seminar fee.

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