First NY Unicycling Festival – Sept 3-5, 2010

NYC’s Unicycle Day Will Roll Into Brooklyn

BROOKLYN — NYC’s first Unicycle Festival will be rolling across New York City this September.
The first day of the festival is in Brooklyn and is being proclaimed by Borough President Marty Markwitz as Brooklyn Unicycle Day. The festivities begin with a 13-mile journey across Brooklyn, on unicycle. The growing popularity of this quirky pastime, combined with Brooklyn’s initiatives to encourage cycling, make this a timely opportunity to celebrate the unicycle. 2010 is the inaugural year of a festival destined to become an annual New York tradition.

The New York City Unicycle Festival will place from Sept. 3 to 5. Festivities will begin Friday afternoon with a mass ride over the Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Army Plaza and then to Coney Island. Expect to witness amazing unicycle displays along the route, on the Boardwalk and around the Cyclone Stadium. This long-distance unicycle ride is being organized by the Unicycle NYC Bridge Tour (

Unicycle riders are invited to join the group. The riders are scheduled to cross the Brooklyn Bridge at 3 p.m. on Sept. 3. They expect to be riding through Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park at 4 p.m. and arriving at Coney Island at 6 pm. The route is available on-line at their website (listed below)

Additional NYC Unicycle Festival events are on Governors Island (Sept. 4) and at Grant’s Tomb (Sept. 5). The New York City Unicycle Festival seeks to bring together recreational riders, world-class performers, mountain and off-road unicycle enthusiasts, mono-wheel vehicle inventors, and the thousands of people who have not ridden in umpteen years along with circus enthusiasts, extreme sports viewers, and anyone seeking an unusual sight — even for New York City!


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