Calling All Clowns! Clown Parade September 3 (NY)

Calling All Clowns!

A Clown Parade, Public Pie Fight and opening night cabaret will usher in the New York Clown Theater Festival on Friday, September 3. Come hoot, honk, holler, and roll through the city in the most preposterous manner possible.

We’ll gather in Union Square at 5 pm, and at 5:30, we’ll take over the L train. The pandemonium will emerge at the Bedford stop in Williamsburg to parade to the Brick Theater, home of the festival, for a massive public pie fight.

Clowns of all stripes (and plaids) are urged to participate. Show off your stuff – bring unicycles, juggling clubs, stilts, tapdancing chickens, whatever you’ve got. Participation is free. Brass band provided.

There will be a prep night on Thurs., Sept. 2, at 7 pm to make stuff for the parade and come up with some choreography. 141 S. 5th St., #1E, Brooklyn (Williamsburg – L to Bedford, walk south to South 5th St.). Please bring ideas and materials!

All photos are from previouse editions of the clown parade,

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