NY Clown Theatre Festival: PERHAPS, PERHAPS, QUIZÁS …

This show was a delight to watch. Gabriel Munoz as the Bride sets a hilarious and startling image as a woman in a bridal dress eating cake. The first three minutes of her wordlessly eating cake are terrific. She lets you imagine why she’s there. After that she acknowledges the audience, and starts to let us in on her secret. It’s not that she was jilted, it’s just that she wants to be married. She goes seeking into the audience for the perfect man.

Now, as it so happens, I was sitting in the front row, so I was picked, and then rejected, and then the guy she rejected me for was rejected, and I was picked again, and invited to come up on stage and say I do, which I did, and give her a giant ring, which I did.

Then after the wedding, we are sitting on the couch, and one thing leads to another and … well, we get divorced. And she makes me go back to my seat, and there she is, on the couch again. And she gets up, does a few more things, and that’s the end of the show.

Gabriel Munoz is very good at playing with the audience, and playing a high status woman who doesn’t get what she wants. The only wish I had for this show is that at the end, she doesn’t get up. She should EXACTLY repeat her opening. In this way we see that the play has come round in a circle, and although we are exactly where we were when we started (the typical ending to most clown plays) we are different, because we have shared our experience together.

Wonderful– please catch it elsewhere if you can.


Clown Me In
Mexico City, Mexico
[Double-bill with Ms. Pretty Smart, Secret Agent]
Perhaps, perhaps, quizás … is a clown piece playing with the idea of loneliness, waiting and hoping for the right man.  Our protagonist, Grima, is a lonely woman who, once a week, rehearses the arrival of The One and the wedding itself.  She wants to fall in love – the hard, take-you-by-surprise, soul-changing kind of love – and is afraid as time passes she might actually be left with only the fake prop that exists in her mind as The Perfect Gentleman.  Hailing from Mexico City, Gabriela Muñoz has toured throughout Mexico and the Middle East, bringing her simultaneously surreal and earthy clown characters to audiences at venues ranging from large urban stages to refugee camps.  20 min.

Sunday, September 5th @ 5pm
Monday, September 6th @ 8pm
Tuesday, September 7th @ 9pm
Saturday, September 11th @ 8pm
Sunday, September 12th @7pm


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