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Eric Joisel with one of his commedia origami characters (Il Capitano)

Eric Joisel was one of the premier origami artists in the world.  A Frenchman, he was a sculptor and a self-taught origamist, who spent over 35 years trying to figure out how to make artwork out of 1 sheet of paper without cutting.

He passed away in October 2010 at the age 53 due to lung cancer.  At his death, he was at work on a series of commedia dell’arte origami characters.

His idea was to create The 7 Deadly Sins using commedia characters and origami.  To the best of my knowledge, he never finished the series.

Find out more about his work at


Read his NY Times Obituary.

Between The Folds

Between the Folds on Amazon

He was also featured extensively in an origami movie called Between The Folds, which is a fascinating documentary about the science and art of origami. Click the image to the left to see the DVD on Amazon.

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