Another clown gets married in the NYT

Amanda Pekoe & Christopher Lueck get married in Miami

Congrats to Chris Lueck (founder of the NY Downtown Clown Revue, alter ego Otsie Kerplotsie, and half of the Hey Ya Brothers) and his bride Amanda Pekoe, (principal of the The Pekoe Group) who got married a couple of weeks ago in South Beach.  And the NYTimes covered it!

The Vows section is difficult to get into, (I should know, I’ve been there twice!)  and the joke used to be you had to be Ivy League, old money, or the daughter of an ambassador in order to get in.  It turns out that the best way to get into the VOWS section is to be a clown!

Congrats to them– and kids, if you want to get in– don’t list Harvard as your educational background– try Ringling or Dell’arte!

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