UnTapped: Raw Metal Dance Company- Review

Untapped at the New Victory through November 27

I saw UnTapped at the New Victory Theatre on 11/13/2011.

UnTapped is created by Australian dance company Raw Metal.  The show is set up like a rock concert, with risers for the musicians, rock lighting, and an mc/master of ceremonies named Dr. Rhythm, who did some really fun beatbox effects, including taking a kid out of the audience and teaching him how to beatbox.

The performers are all excellent. They’re a little punky in outlook and demeanor (punk rock hair styles, tattoos up and down the arms)  But when they need to, they dance like angels.  There’s a lot of muscular dance and tap here, and some real finesse moves too.  But the dance is really less important than their personalities, and that’s where the group shines.  Dr. Rhythm in particular, has an excellent stage presence- we want to follow him and hear what he has to say.

These guys have virtuosity, personality, and creativity.  They tap dance in sandals and flippers, and occasionally do acrobatics and other high-flying maneuvers.  Overall, this was a very pleasant and invigorating hour in the theatre.  I highly recommend it.

Shows run at the New Victory through November 27.

Find out more at http://newvictory.org/show.m?showID=1033964

See a promo video here:

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