Cirque Shanghai, Bai Xi

The “World’s premier company” of Chinese acrobats , Cirque Shanghai, will be performing all this month at the New Victory Theatre .

(I know , it seems like I’m featuring the New Victory theatre a lot in this blog– it’s for good reason. (actually, a couple of good reasons)

  1. They present a huge amount of stuff in the clown/physical comedy/wonderful world.  Stuff that I want to see, and hopefully you want to hear about.
  2. They have been giving me free tickets to the shows, in hopes that I would write about it.  Which, since the stuff is generally great, I have no problem wanting to do.
  3. Since I am deep in the midst of producing my New Year’s Eve Festival, I don’t have much time to write about or see anything else.

I’m seeing Bai Xi today with my son, and will report back in the next couple of days.  I have no doubt it will be great!

Theater Mania is offering a 20% discount on tickets to 7 pm shows, if you use the code: TMCirq266
and purchase before December 9. 

Meanwhile, here is the video preview of the show:


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