Brazil! Brazil!

We saw Brazil Brazil at the New Victory on Saturday.   (I previewed this last week)

It was awesome awesome.

Brazil! Brazil! at the New Victory Feb 10-Feb 26 Photo: Kenny Mathieson

This show had quite a lot of virtuosity in it– dance, soccer freestyle, and capoiera.  Everybody was very talented and strong, but the thing that made it great was the fact that they were all so joyous and happy to be on the stage.  Their infectious joy really stole the show.

There’s a rough throughline of the show of a soccer ball that bounces up and down through all different kinds of places (which we see on a video screen), but this is a mere device (and not a particularly good one.  The show I saw had some video glitches which I’m sure will be worked out.)  While the shots of Brazil that are displayed are pretty, that’s not why we’re here.  We could see those on the Internet.  The real show here is in the virtuosity of the performers,  and that show is the real deal.

The New Victory Theatre on 42nd St & 7th Avenue

Carnaval starts in two days, and this show would be a perfect way to transport you and your family to Brazil for about an hour.

Visit the New Victory website for tickets and show information.

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