Two workshops taught by Ariane Anthony (March & April 2012, NYC)

Fundamentals of
Mask & Clown
8-Day Intensive Workshop
March 22-25, 29-April 1
(Thurs & Fri 6:30-9:30pm;
Sat & Sun 1-6pm)
Midtown Location

Cost: $325
Advanced Techniques of Mask & Clown
5-Day Intensive Workshop
April 11, 14-15, 21-22
(Wed 6-10pm;
Sat & Sun 12-6pm)
Union Square Location

Cost: $250
Ariane Anthony teaches masks

All workshops will be taught by Ariane Anthony

Fundamentals & Advanced Techniques
Two-Workshop Package
Cost: $425

Contact or 347-799-2596 to register or for more information.
Workshops are limited to 15 students.
All classes taught by Ariane Anthony

What the Workshops Cover:

Fundamentals of Mask & Clown

Derived from the work of Jacques LeCoq and Ariane Mnouchkine, and taught throughout Europe, this highly structured yet flexible technique has three stages:

I. LE CHOEUR (“CHORUS”) is an exercise that develops the essential techniques later used for character work. Using a neutral mask that covers all but the eyes, the actor discovers the tremendous expressive potential in the most basic movement and becomes acutely aware of extraneous or habitual physical patterns and postures. The actor learns to neutralize his personal ‘character’ so that when he takes on a role, there is a fresh beginning and the possibility of complete transformation.

This exercise helps the actor to master:

II. LE NAISSANCE (“BIRTH”) Ariane leads the actor to create a character using masks from the commedia dell’arte tradition. The Naissance opens whole new avenues of creation, often with stunning and unexpected results. Actors become virtually unrecognizable when their own Harlequins, Pantalones, Captains, and clowns are born.

III. IMPROVISATION introduces songs, props, and interactions with other characters. Through this work, Ariane helps each character develop a clear voice, distinct physicality, and presence on the spot.

Advanced Techniques of Mask & Clown

Building upon the Fundamentals workshop, Advanced Techniques explores the development of two-character scenarios and the application of Mask & Clown technique to scripted text.  Working with scenes from the one-act comedies of Moliere, Advanced Techniques focuses on finding the ‘sense of play’ within a play, maintaining the spirit of improvisation with scripted dialogue and rehearsed actions. This work will enable the actor to make more truthful and daring choices by approaching the text in a fresh way each and every time in rehearsal and performance. It strengthens the trust and “chemistry” between the performers and makes the play more affecting for the audience.

Pre-requisite: Fundamentals or previous workshop with
New York Mask & Clown

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