50% off Adult Classes Feb 29 at Clown Conservatory (SF)

The Clown Conservatory, San Francisco’s premiere training facility for clowns and circus performers, is announcing a once in 4 years 50% off sale.

Sign up for all circus center recreational classes, including clown classes for 50%– off!

Currently you can sign up for Clown1 or Clown 2, mime, Dorkestra, Bouffon, Acting and Youth clowning.


You can also check out their facebook page

Joe Dieffenbacher, new director of the Clown Conservatory

By the way, not sure if I mentioned it, but Joe Dieffenbacher, a former Ringling clown, a former Dell’arte grad, and one of the super-fabulous Los Payasos Mendegos, has been hired on as the new director of the Clown Conservatory.

Joe is a great teacher and a great clown, and I think it will be a boon to all San Francisco clown students.

When I was at Dell’arte, Joe was the janitor, while working on his own shows and work.  I visited Dell’arte a few years later, and Joe was the clowning teacher. Every time I saw him, he was working on something funny and wonderful and wierd, and something totally of his own imagining.  He ended up marrying one of my classmates Minna Hollapeinen, and they have a company together that does masks and performances. One of his projects (Los Payasos Mendigos) was a fantastically funny group of guys who put on low brow circus stunts, and were great fun to watch both on stage and on the street.

You can see a video of Los Payasos below (and really I should do a whole post about them.  In the video, Joe is doing most of the work with “Stunt Baby”)

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23WT5eDu9aw” width=”600″ height=”400″]

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