The Wisdom of the Clown Retreat (April 15-22, Vicenza, Italy)

Patrick Van Den Boom, a Netherlands clown and teacher, is holding a seven day retreat called “The Wisdom of the Clown”

The retreat will be a 7 day journey featuring lots of singing and internal work/meditation. I’m not sure how much this is geared towards professional clowns and performers– I think it’s geared more towards people trying to find themselves, and using the clown as a medium to do so. (and hey, professional clowns are people too!   Mostly….)

Here’s what Patrick has to say about the week-long workshop:

“Getting to know our clown and ourselves. There is a lot of wisdom to discover through the clowning. It is there in us already and no need to search for it outside us. We often want to be original and creative, and that might actually take us away from the magic. We will be building trust in the wisdom of our personal clown. Working on being present, and realizing we are aware and resting there.

Because we will be in this beautiful monastery in Vicenza, we will work on awakening our senses and taking lots of time for discovering. In this week we have a lot of singing in duo’s, trios and big groups. Songs from the heart and songs coming from the depth in us. Singing in small and big clown choirs. We are all unique people with unique talents, and we will find ways how to let that come out, with feeling safe and totally going for it. In the week there will be a silent day for reflection and feeling your inner space, without external noise. We can meet ourselves in a very pure and authentic way. Listening to what silence has to say to us. Other ways of getting more trust in our clown wisdom will be working with mime, dance, meditation and mindfulness. Working as much as possible outside in the amazing garden! “

For more information visit Patrick’s website: and click on Italy.  You can also see some of the other workshops and projects he’s up to.

Patrick informed me via email that the cost for this workshop is 800 Euros for a single room.  Contact Patrick for more information.
Tel +47 40218791/40045943
Skype-name: Clownschoolgouda

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