The Pictographic Play Project.

Drew Richardson, who will be the fool-in-residence at  QuestFest 2012, is asking for participation in a very interesting project.

Below is a visual playscript, made up of simple, rough doodles, storyboard style, that you can interpret however you wish.

Your piece should be somewhere around a minute or two long and not rely on words or sounds.

Then, video your piece and upload it to YouTube (if you’ve never done this, there are instructions on the youtube website on setting up an account, and uploading). Email him a link to your video, and it will possibly be edited together in a compilation video.
Finally, make your own version of the Pictographic Playscript to document your piece and email that to him as well.
Deadline: As soon as possible, but at least by April 6, 2012.
Pictographic Play Script

Drew Richardson's Pictographic Play Script

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