ONE SHOW ONLY! Buffoon Anonymous at the Brick Clown- SEPTEMBER 9, AT 7 PM

NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012Buffoon Anonymous in Brooklyn!

My original one man show Buffoon Anonymous, 12 Steps To Inanity will be performed as part of the Brick’s 2012 New York International Clown Theatre Festival in Brooklyn NY.

I’ll be featuring the festival on this blog, and blogging about it, as I’ve done for the past 4 years.  But I wanted to start that all out with a little blatant self-promotion! This is my first time performing for the Clown Festival.

This was my first solo show, and since its initial run in 1990-91, I’ve revisited the show 4 times. (1996, 2001, 2006, and now) It’s so interesting to come back to a show like this  and see what parts of the writing and the performance (and the props) have held up, and what needs to be duct-taped, massaged, re-written, re-created, or just thrown away.  For the most part, it’s held up pretty well, IMO.  I’ve changed somewhat, and I’ve changed a few of the jokes, but the premise and the concept have held up. (Of course I’m the author and the performer of the show, so perhaps I might be a little biased!)

I’ve got just one show this time, so if you want to come, now is your opportunity!  There are 60 or so seats at the theatre, so purchase your ticket today!

The show is at 7 pm on Sunday, September 9 at the Brick Theater, 579 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn (easily accessible by  the L or the G)

BUFFOON ANONYMOUS is a fictional autobiographical story, created and performed by performance artist, Adam Gertsacov, about a clown who needs to quit– and can’t. Through trial and tribulation, the clown wages an unsuccessful war on his own stupidity as he strives to find a cure for, …well, himself.

BUFFOON ANONYMOUS contains (among other things) classic clown routines, addictive behavior, a circus ring, an obligatory avante-garde dance piece, the Acme Declownifier, and mediocre juggling. Mr. Gertsacov is the artistic director, boss clown, chief bottle washer, and Big Cheese of the Acme Clown Company.

He is an internationally renowned theatre artist from Providence Rhode Island now living in Yonkers, NY.  He is one of the most educated clowns in America, barring certain elected officials.


  • Sunday, September 9 at 7 pm
Brick Theater
579 Metropolitan Avenue

ADVANCE TICKETS (strongly recommended)


NY Clown Theatre Festival- website

Acme Clown: call 401-351-2596 or visit


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