Mark Gindick’s Kiss Starter

Mark Gindick feeling lonely at his Kiss-Starter booth just off of Broadway.

Mark Gindick  wants you to pay to give him a kiss.

We’ve featured Mark on ClownLink a number of times before as  part of Happy Hour and at the incarnation of his solo show Wingman.

He’s continuing to work and build Wingman, and to raise funding, he’s got a Kiss-starter campaign where he is setting up his Kissing booth (an essential part of the show) in various places to raise money.  The money will go towards building an electronic tech world part of the show.

As of today, he’s raised almost $6000 of his $15,000 budget.  He’s got 24 days to go.

Help him out, would you?  He’s getting a little lonely in that tiny booth.

(and check out his Kickstarter campaign as well, he’s got a couple of great stretch goals for add-ons if he can raise over $15000), including a very cool and funny looking quick change bubble wrap suit.


Bubble Wrap Suit

Mark Gindick dances on (and wears) bubble wrap.


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