Red Bastard in NY at the Pit (Nov 22-24)


Red Bastard at the Pit

If you haven’t seen Red Bastard and you live in NY, you should definitely see this show.

Even if you live outside of NY, take a train and come on in.  You will be glad that you did.

Eric Davis, inhabitor of Red Bastard, has been out on the West Coast working with Cirque du Soleil for the last year or so.  He’s bringing the Red Bastard back from the dead, and it’s going to be awesome.  Eric is one of the most fearless and thoughtful improvisors I know.  He takes the audience everywhere they want to go (and a few places they don’t)

Be prepared for anything to happen as this dangerous and seductive comedy monster leads you through an unforgettable night of risk and reward.

As I said about his last New York performance, this isn’t a clown performance as much as it is a master class in how to work an audience. He takes the moment and chisels it away in front of you in a hilarious way.

Red Bastard was the hit of the Edinburgh Festival

Red Bastard was the hit
of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival


I can’t speak highly enough of his show. Don’t miss it!

Tickets available here:

More info about his Redness, himself:

And below is his promo video, which is great, but doesn’t do the experience of witnessing the show justice.

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