Red Bastard Bouffon Workshop in NY Nov 25 & 26

Red BastardIn support of his show at the Pit, Eric Davis (the Red Bastard) is giving a workshop in bouffon clowning techniques.

If you haven’t studied bouffon, Eric is one of the world’s leading practitioners, and is an excellent teacher.

Here’s the info for the workshop:

Wanna fool around? Release your inner mischief! 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take a workshop from this internationally acclaimed performer, director, writer, character instructor, world traveller, charmer, rage-whisperer, un-self proclaimed shaman, borrower of money and sexual deviant (unaccredited).

When: Monday and Tuesday Nov. 25 & 26
Time: 6 PM-10 PM
Place: Simple Studios. 134 W 29th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001
Fee: $175
About the Workshop:

Red Bastard pinupIn the world of Bouffon, the audience is the joke. Their great joy is to parody the audience, its values and flaws.

This pack of grotesque outsiders engage and parody the audience with great joy, intelligence and charm. To play as Bouffon is to celebrate paradox! They are disgusting, yet beautiful. They hate you, yet they flatter you. The Bouffons are the ultimate manipulators! A joke— told by a nightmare.

A ferocious social satire is about to explode, liberating the energy in the room with an immense pleasure to parody and to play. In this workshop, participants will explore:

Connecting with the audience,
Parodying societal maladies and hypocrisy,
Creating complex physical characters,
Playing upon contrasts of theme and rhythm,
Being 100 % present and captivating.

Students should bring

  • 6 tennis balls
  • A large Bag of Clothes/ material to stuff themselves with.
    (Think a very large duffle bag or suitcase full of clothes.)
  • 2 rolls of duck tape
  • 2 pair of panty hose
  • scissors
  • White clothes to stuff wear that you can stuff with items in order to change the
    shape of your body. Think large sweats, or long johns. We will wear all white so
    as to concentrate on bodies and not be distracted by costume pieces.

About the Teacher:

Red Bastard was the hit of the Edinburgh Festival

Red Bastard was the hit of the Edinburgh Festival

Eric Davis’s bouffon show, Red Bastard, has won awards for Best Theatre, Most Outrageous Show, Best Solo Performance and Community Commitment as well as numerous Best of Fests. It was voted top 20 must see shows out of 2800 shows in Edinburgh, 2013. Mr. Davis was a lead clown for Cirque du Soleil’s Iris as well as Quidam. Other work includes co-writing and direction for Bouffon Glass Menajoree- Nominated for Outstanding Production, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Original Short Script and Outstanding Director by the NY Innovative Theatre awards. He also provided direction and writing for Butt Kapinski and Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir. Mr. Davis combines his training in Bouffon, Clown, improvisation, Lecoq technique and Dance.

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