The Xylo-Van (in LA)

Xylovan Animated GifA very cool project recently came to my attention– the Xylovan, an old Ford Club Wagon that has been retrofitted, retrograded, remachined and re imagined into a musical van, that allows interactive participants to bang on it and make all kinds of weird wondrous music.

The concept came about approximately 4-5 years ago, and based on their website and their recent Indie-Go-Go fundraising drive (still going on, if you’d like to contribute a couple of dollars) to give it a new engine, it is a Maker Faire / Burning Man staple.

Like lots of cool projects, this is mostly a labor of love and ingenuity.  Another interesting part is that it’s a family that has  They also bring it around to schools and other events year round in the Los Angeles area.  According to the website, thousands of people a year pick up the special mallets, and bang on the van.

If this sounds like a great project to you (and it should) feel free to donate a couple of bucks to their aforementioned Indie-Go-Go drive.  It seems like it will be well worth it.  (I can’t really swing it, but their musical machined aluminum amulets sound very cool as premiums for giving!)

Here’s the video of their fundraiser.

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