Kendall Cornell Clown Classes for Women in NY

kendall_clown_girlsWe’ve featured Kendall Cornell’s workshops and works on clownlink many times before.  Kendall is one of the top “women only” clown teachers in the country (she may be the only one too)

Kendall feels that women will feel more comfortable and be more creative (and create differently) by learning to fail without men in the room.  in her words from her website:
“In a traditionally male field, I have discovered the need for women clowns. Women’s clowning has a specific beauty. Only a woman can uncover the deep humor of women’s experience – and perhaps of certain life truths. For me, it has been necessary to go back to the ancient core principles of clowning to re-find a place for the women, so they are not merely an imitation of the male tradition, but instead they reveal (and create fun with) their own distinct terrain. For the audience, the experience may also be new territory. In order to laugh at a clown, we have to sense a certain mutuality, which means that both men and women in the audience will identify with the clown on stage. It can be a startling thing for both groups to recognize themselves in a woman on stage (and a sovereignly foolish one!). Clowning can cut through our differences to our universality, at the same time that it wakes us up to our unique selves.”

I can’t really talk about whether or not that’s true, but it’s been working for her.  She’s put out some very interesting classroom work over the years, and some of her students/ensemble performers have gone on to create very exciting and interesting work.

She’s putting on another 2 day workshop, and if you are female you are invited

students of Kendall Cornell

Performers that have studied and worked with Kendall Cornell

In this 2 day workshop for clowns, actors, performers, and all adventurous women we will explore:
play, physical improvisation, spontaneity & imagination, character & clown psychology, comic timing,
the joyful truth of failure and more…

Saturday, April 5th  3-7 pm
Sunday, April 6th,  3:30-8:30 pm

at Flamenco Latino Studios
250 W. 54th Street

For more info or to register: or (646) 729-1188

There are only a couple of spots left!

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