Shotspeare at the Slipper Room

shotspeareSomewhere around 1989 I appeared in a very fun touring production of Twelfth Night for the now defunct Perishable Theatre.  (I played Malvolio)  At the end of the show, a guy came up to me to say how much he liked the show.  He was not a typical theatre going guy, I think he was the brother of one of the costumers or something.

He said to me something that continues to be one of my favorite quotes/criticisms/reviews of my work ever.  He said, in his working class Rhode Island accent,  “It’s guys like you that make guys like me like guys like Shakespeare.”

In that spirit, I want to alert you to the Shotspeare Company’s production of Romeo and Juliet.  They are in from Los Angeles for two shows at the Slipper Room.  Spearheaded by  Mathew Morgan (in town working with Bello) and his wife, the show consists of 7 actors, lots of swords, and a sort of crazy drinking game as they proceed to explode the story of Romeo and Juliet all around you.  The show has done quite well in L.A., and they are trying it out in NY.

shotspeare2Here’s what their website says:

Shotspeare is a cast of Shakespearean bandits who love to wield swords, wear tights, drink and speak the speech. We do Shakespeare for the workingman, the poor student, the scholar, the soccer mom and the barfly. Jason Rohrer of has said, “These aren’t stupid drunks out for a good time; or, they’re not just that. They’re also talented and committed scholars demonstrating an understanding of the nature of storytelling.” 

Sounds like a whole lot of fun!

Buy tickets!

Find out more about Shotspeare:

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