Bello Nock & Friends: Bellomania (Through 4/20, NYC)

BelloMania at the New Victory, featuring Bello Nock and friendsI had the privilege and opportunity to see Bello Nock perform his show Bello Mania at the New Victory Theatre (where it will be playing through August 20)  I can highly recommend it.

Bello is widely acclaimed in the media as America’s best clown.  I don’t know if he’s #1, but I think he’s definitely up there.  What makes him such a great clown is his  ability to mix his acrobatic and daredevil know-how with his charm and nice-guy personality.  He’s just somebody you want to watch onstage.  I saw the show last year, and although there is some overlap in the stunts and tricks that Bello performs, there’s lots of new stuff (or twists on old stuff) that keeps it fresh.  And really, Bello is such a charming performer and entertainer, so I’d have been happy if most of the show had been the same as last year.

(You can witness some of Bello’s charm in the podcast I recorded with him for the NYC Dad’s Group.  More info here:  PODCAST )

Acts that are included this year include his signature sway pole act , in which he climbs an unsupported 32 ft tall pole that has been erected in the middle of the New Victory, and then manages to touch the ceiling while swaying; a chair climbing handstand act, a fantastic trampoline routine, and a highwire act which showcases the smallest bicycle in the world.

AJ SilverMatt MorganI also want to give a shout out to  two friends of mine who are in the show and  supporting Bello:  Matt Morgan, who plays an MC/ringmaster character that mystically transforms into Jeff Foxworthy for a pretty funny “Are You Smarter Than a First Grader” act.  Matt, is based in LA now, is a Ringling grad and one of the three guys from New York based troupe Happy Hour.  He’s wonderful, and funny and a little weird (which might describe all of Matt’s clown characters), but most importantly gives Bello some breathing time in between comic daredevilry.  Also in the show is Angelo Iodice, better known as Bronx cowboy AJ Silver.  He’s got one of the top Western acts, with a mix of comedy, precision roping, and some amazing skills and timing.  Angelo’s act is an amazing display on its own. (He’s a regular on the German varieté stages)

Bello’s daughter Anelise also plays a pivotal role, doing some very fine aerial arts, including a swing and a tightrope act.

Bello and I and my son

Bello and I and my son

Anyway, this show is a must see show.  So go see it already.  You won’t regret it.

Find out more about BelloMania and tickets/schedule at the New Victory website

Find out more about Bello on his own website:

Find out more about AJ Silver and his work:

Find out more about Matt Morgan and his work:

Just be careful, Bello’s hairstyle is catching!



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