New Circus school in Phoenix!

1532-partner-acro1My friend Jens Larson, former circus acrobat and handbalancer, has decided to retire from his retirement/day job as a geometry teacher and start a circus school in Phoenix!

He’s just started out and he’s got two classes already in registration at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Jens worked with a lot of shows in his day, including the Pickle Family Circus, the Royal Lichtenstein Circus, the Big Apple Circus, Zippo’s in Britain, and the show where I met him, the Pan-Twilight Circus.

Jens is a great performer and a patient teacher, and anyone with kids wanting to learn circus skills should move to Phoenix immediately.  And if you already live in Phoenix, SCORE! :O)

Read about Jens’ transition from Circus performer to teacher.

Read a review of the show where I met Jens (and what, there’s a picture of me with the puppet Caliban! Go figure!)


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