NY Clowns Do Dr. Seuss at Midnight. (Oh My) TONIGHT!

This just in:

Dr. Seuss at MidnightTONIGHT Some of NY’s premier physical comedians are planning a special living room show (in the penthouse suite of a fancy hotel) to honor Dr. Seuss.

Doors open at 10, open bar and snacks until midnight, and the performance starts just before the witching hour.

The show features Hilary Chaplain, Mik Kuhlman, Peter Daniel Straus, Mark Ettinger, Zero Boy, and of course, the words of Dr. Seuss.

The hotel is at 501 Lexington @47nth st.

NO ADMITTANCE AFTER 11:30 PM or for under 21.

The room is small, the players divine,

If you go you’ll have a real great time!

For info email ddruttman@rogersmith.com

You can get a ticket for $20 (half-price!) with the promo: rsh-code
And if you’ve lived under a rock for the last fifty years and somehow are blanking on Dr. Seuss, I suggest you purchase and read his oeuvre IMMEDIATELY!
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