Muppet Christ Superstar: an unauthorized parody

This isn’t quite clown, but it’s all wonderful, and it’s fan-fiction/music taken to extremes.

Muppet Christ Superstar Parody albumMusician Christopher Graham released a parody album of Jesus Christ Superstar as performed by the Muppets.  Entitled Muppet Christ Superstar,  the album has many (but not all) of the songs from the Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical.

The usual characters are in place, almost as you would expect if the Henson’s were to do it.
Kermit … Jesus Christ
Gonzo … Judas Iscariot
Piggy … Mary Magdalene
Fozzie … Simon the Zealot
Pepe … Pilate
Rowlf … King Herod
with The Electric Mayhem as the Disciples

Graham performed all of the voices himself, and while not all of them are spot on, there’s enough of them that you get the idea, and with parodies, the idea is often enough.

The album is available on Bandcamp  for free, and you can purchase it for a suggested donation of $6 Canadian, and I highly recommend you give at least that.  This is good stuff, and musicians with crazy ideas like this should be encouraged!


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