BOOK: A Clown In Our Town: Tribute to Rob Torres

I got my copy of A Clown In Our Town a few weeks ago, and I have been meaning to write about it.  It’s a wonderful tribute to Rob Torres, who passed away unexpectedly in 2018.   I wrote his obituary here:  RIP- Rob Torres, International Man of Mirth.


A Clown In Our Town: Tribute to Rob Torres by Jim Moore and Friends.

Photographer Jim Moore, who has taken more photos of clowns, circuses, and sideshow acts than probably any photographer still living, had been working with Rob on a potential book project.

After Rob passed, Jim created a photographic tribute/labor of love in honor of Rob and his work.  Many of Rob’s friends contributed to the book to make it happen financially.  (Disclosure: I was one of those people)

Jim has interwoven some of Rob’s personal photographs, as well as his own photographs and the work of other photographers. As a result,  Jim has created the definitive book about Rob that will keep his work present and remembered for years to come.  The book includes text by Dominique Jando, Big Apple Circus’s Paul Binder, Kevin Venardo of Venardo’s Circus, and many others.

The book is called A Clown In Our Town, and is now available in a softcover print-on-demand version for $50.  It is well worth the money, as it is a beautiful book. Furthermore, $6 of every book goes to a scholarship in Rob’s name at Sigfrido Aguilar’s school in Mexico, where Rob studied and honed his craft.

Here are a couple of sample pages of the book.
Sample page of A Clown In Our Town Sample Page to the book A Clown In Our Town:  a tribute to Rob Torres

Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase A Clown In Our Town and capture the magic that was Rob Torres.

Purchase here:

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