Trav SD Goes Old School on Zoom

Trav SDIt’s a great day in Mudville, people.  My pal, Trav SD,  (who probably hold the ignominious honor of being mentioned the most on this blog)  has announced that he will be giving a regular series of talks on Zoom regarding his specialty (old time entertainment and performance.)  If you haven’t read his books, hie thee to a bookstore at once. (Or better yet, click one of the photos below and buy them on Amazon. I will get a small slice of your purchase!)

No Applause, Just Throw Money by Trav SD Chain of Fools by Trav SD

The talks will be $5 each, or if you support him on Patreon (as I do) then they will be free to you.  This is a bargain at twice the price.  Trav is supremely knowledgeable and sometimes cantankerous, but always entertaining.  You will learn something you didn’t know at every talk he gives, even if you too are extremely knowledgable.

Talks will be every 1st and 3rd Saturday throughout the summer.

Here’s the schedule:

Trav SD

Trav SD in his native habitat.

June 6: Variety 101 (Vaudeville vs. burlesque, circus, music hall, sideshow etc)

June 20: Coney Island 101 (adapted from a talk he gave at Coney Island USA a few years back)

July 4: Born on the 4th of July:  George M. Cohan and family

July 18: How the French Invented Show Biz

August 1: On the Great Vaudeville Comedy Teams

August 15: The Great Drag Performers


To find out more, visit his website.

Single event signups are not yet available, but as I mentioned, supporting him on Patreon works out to be a lot cheaper!  And it’s a worthwhile cause!

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