TBT: Steve, Ryan, and the Laundry Gag


3 years ago today, my son and I ventured a couple of hours away to Baraboo Wisconsin to see friends Steven Copeland and Ryan Combs perform in our nearly annual visit to Circus World Museum.

This version of the Laundry Gag came up in my timehop today, and I thought I’d share it with you.  Steve and Ryan do some well-timed physical bits, and the lead in with ringmaster David SaLoutos is also a classic.


It’s a pleasure to see work like this, and especially considering that this year it’s not happening at all, (the museum is limitedly open, but no live shows) gives me a little bit of nostalgia.

Enjoy their version of the Laundry Gag!


Want to find out more about Circus World?  Visit  https://www.circusworldbaraboo.org/


Pat Cashin

Pat Cashin in one of his many personas

And by the way, Steven Copeland has recently taken over one of the top clown blogs in the world, Pat Cashin’s Clown Alley.  https://clownalley.blogspot.com/  

Pat was taken from us far too soon (see my remembrance of him here.)   Pat was a brilliant collector of clown and circus history, and Steve is too, and he has already posted some great stuff on the blog, both old and new.  (Including a 2016 interview with Mookie Cornish, who I met at Dell’arte in 2005)

You should definitely be subscribing and paying attention to it.  I know that I look forward to the new posts each time they come out!

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