Finding Comedy with Tom Greder March 16-19 BCN

UPDATE:  due to a suitcase malfunction (didn’t arrive on time) the show will be on Friday at 8:30 pm, and the class will be SATURDAY only.
Prices for the class are less, and if you already purchased tickets, you will get a refund.
Links should still be valid

At Espai Piluso, a small space in Barcelona’s Poble Sec neighborhood, Swiss based clown/physical comedian Tom Greder is giving a performance and a workshop on the weekend of March 16-19.  I won’t be at the class, but I expect to be at the performance, which I’ve heard is really great.

Tom is a graduate of Queensland University in Australia, and has studied with Daniel Stein, Philipe Gaulier, and Sean Gandini, among many others.  His work pulls influences from   street performance, circus, and theatrical work to make comedy that can appeal to multiple audiences at the same time.

He’s been working for close to 30 years, and has an extensive list of credits at festivals throughout Europe and Australia.  He’s also the founder of a theatre company with a unique architectural angle:  It’s a structure that sets up on the streets and moves in a circle, making the audience the part creators of the spectacle.

He’s also an arts advocate, being the co-founder of FARS (the Federation of Swiss Street Arts) and works on the behalf of street performers throughout Switzerland.

Finding Comedy Workshop with Tom Greder March 17-19

His workshop in Barcelona is called Finding Comedy.  It’s based on contemporary play techniques to help performers discover and integrate their inner selves with their outer persona.  He focuses on the relationship between the ‘Person’, ‘Character’ and ‘Artist’ in each  of us. By exploring, understanding and harmonising the often conflicting nature of these ‘inner voices’, participants gain a clearer awareness of themselves and their creative process.

The workshop uses individual, partner and group games and tasks to expand the creative palate of participants and clarify their individual personal and professional paths. The activities focus on combining personal exploration and revelation with techniques for applying these in an abstracted or metaphorical way to the creation of engaging performance.
I don’t know what language the workshop is being taught in, but I know that Tom speaks English fluently, so you can always get your clarifications in English.

The workshop is March 17-19 and to find out more about it and sign up visit


On March 16, Tom will be giving a perfomance called All Aboard.  It’s a solo performance in which Tom’s clown alter ego Oskar presents a voyage into the great unknown. We follow a toy locomotive as it travels through sublime worlds created on stage and finally the train journeys its way through the whole audience, directly into our hearts.

Buy tickets for that show here:

To find out more about Tom’s work visit


BTW: If it seems like my posts are becoming more Barcelona-centric, you are right!
I write about what I find out about, and since I’ve been living in Barcelona, that’s what is in front of my face.
If you’ve got something going on somewhere else, please let me know.  I don’t write about everything people send me, but more than you expect (although to be fair, during the pandemic I hardly wrote about anything!)

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