Clown Playground – April 2

April 2nd Clown Playground Keland Scher will be the instructor of the next New York Downtown Clown Playground on Monday, April 2nd with his workshop, Rediscovering the Joy of Playing and Embracing the Unknown. Check out his unique approach to physical elements of clown before he leaves NYC to teach theater and movement at Chicago‚Äôs Roosevelt University! DESCRIPTION:Through the experience […]

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Adam Gertsacov/ Acme Clown Company

THE ACME CLOWN COMPANY Uses Popular Theatrical Traditions To Amaze, Educate, And Entertain Audiences Of All Ages. Specialities include puppetry, clowning, commedia dell’arte, circus skills, magic, melodrama, masks, and method acting. They perform shows, teach workshops and residencies, and coach and direct physical comedy and clown routines. The boss clown of the Acme Clown Company is Adam Gertsacov (the author […]

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