Report from Polo Circo

I was just on a family vacation in Argentina, and noted with dismay that a circus festival started the week after I left.  WEBSITE: When I was unmarried and child-less, I might have stayed for the week and changed my ticket, but my responsibilities as a husband and father made that impossible.  Fortunately, my brother lives in Buenos Aires, […]

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Festival Preview: The Birdmann

The Birdmann is an Australian circus/vaudeville/sideshow performer who combines magic, theatre, circus skills, and inspired nonsense to create a show that is unique. Acts include plastic-bag juggling, knife-throwing, and nostril tea-drinking. The act has displayed in fifteen countries internationally, and goes directly from the NY Clown Festival back home to the Melbourne Fringe in Australia. Here’s what The Groggy Squirrel, […]

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Bouffon Glass Menajoree

Bouffon Glass Menagerie promises a lot to its audience members– and delivers on every promise. It’s a fantastic show that is well-conceived, well-directed, well-designed, and very well-acted. Basically it’s a parody of Tenessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie: which was Tennessee’s first commercial success, and a play that has a long history of being parodied and mocked. And mock it they […]

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