Augusto Cabrera & Commedia Gillet

Augusto Cabrera is a director, actor, clown, puppeteer,commedia teacher and performer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the director of Mask & Commedia Centrum, an institution/school that focuses on spreading knowledge and information about masks, puppetry, and commedia to the world at large through workshops, festivals, and performances. Commedia Gillet is the professional company of Mask & Commedia Centrum, which is under the direction of Augusto.

Commedia Gillet has a number of performances available– their latest is titled Thor’s Saga, about a group of Viking clowns who tell the story of how Thor lost his hammer. Unfortunately, the clowns can’t keep their personal lives off of the stage.

Other performances include an outdoor medieval spectacle called Pesten (The Plague), and Avstad (Distance), a puppet play about special people (I assume this means developmentally disabled, but I can’t be sure.), and a clown variety show.

Augusto has also started a new social network for mask and physical theatre performers on

To find out more about Augusto’s work, follow the links listed below:

Augusto’s web page:

Commedia Gillet:

Mask Social Network:

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