Stanley Allan Sherman

Stanley Allan Sherman is a graduate of Ecole Jacque Lecoq in Paris France and has been making leather theatre masks since 1976. He was in the original cast of the Off Broadway Show, Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral that ran for 3+ years. On NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien he has been in over 40 comedy bits.
Stanley is co-director and founder along with Hovey Burgess of Roving Classical Commedia University* (Totally Unaccredited). He is also known for his solo clown and commedia style shows that toured around the country and has been the featured show at many festivals for over 25 years, Stanley Allan Sherman’s AERO SHOW Featuring The Star Spangled Banner was critic’s choice in the Los Angles Times. He was a teacher and mask maker in the late 1970’s under the direction of the master of Commedia dell’Arte, Carlo Mazzone-Clementi at his school the Dell’Arte School of Mime and Comedy in Blue Lake, California. ( )

As a master leather craftsman he created the world famous Mankind Mask (the Arlecchino of the WWF) for the World Wrestling Federation. He had the longest running exhibition in the history of the NY Lincoln Center Museum of the Performing Arts. As a leather craftsman he has traded leather techniques and secrets with leather workers from around the world. Stanley directed and developed the children’s show Bride of Beowulf, which toured for over 6 years. He has written three plays, teaches mask masking, performing, commedia, mime, clown and mask.

Stanley’s websites:
CLOWN FESTIVAL BLOG: Stanley’s Clown Theater Festival Blog

Stanley is another of the official bloggers of the NY Clown Theater Festival. In addition, he’s teaching a class at the festival! (I told you he was classy!)

Leather Clown Nose Making Workshop
WHEN: Monday October 15th 2-5pm & Wednesday October 17th 2-5pm
COST: $182 (includes material and tool fee. You get to keep the 7 tools.) *
WHERE: Mask Arts Studio 203 West 14th St Studio 5F, New York NY 10011-7138
WHAT ELSE: Maximum of 6 students.
To reserve your spot you must pay the full fee in advance, because Stanley needs to buy the tools and supplies in advance.

To find out more about the class, visit

* Past Clowns Nose Students of November or January who would like to take the class again may for a reduced fee of $58 including supplies.

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