Rat Bastards (Tutti Stronzi) June 3-7 NY

This is a commedia piece by a very talented performer and writer Julia Pearlstein–

I first met Julia at a meeting of the RAT Conference in Los Angeles, where as part of a group, we had to create a show that performed an impossible task. My group’s task was to sink the Los Angeles Theatre Center like the Titanic. Her groups task was to blow up the world as we knew it.

My group ended up winning, but it was a very close call, and Julia’s group was one of the best and most creative uses of the space I’d ever seen.

She’s since moved back to NY, has been seen socializing with a certain scholar and practitioner of the fine art of Vaudeville (and whose writings can be marvelled at over at the Travalanche )

I haven’t seen this piece, but I highly recommend it.

At Dixon Place June 3 – 7. www.dixonplace.org


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