Comedy & More: Variety Show in Barcelona! February 11

I’m performing in a variety show in Barcelona on February 11!

The show is called Comedy and More, and it’s billing itself as the first comedy show in Barcelona that is a variety of acts.  (That’s pretty hard to believe– I think the only variety show in English in Barcelona right now would be more accurate– but I didn’t get consulted about the advertising!   I probably would have said best comedy variety show, and left it at that!

Actually, I think this is the first edition of this show, so maybe they meant that.  Yeah, yeah, that’s it!)

I’m excited to be performing.  This will be my first time performing a new bit in Barcelona, and my first foray back onto the stage since Covid hit.  I’ve done some online shows, and taught a workshop or two, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been on an actual stage in front of actual people. Hope I still have it!   I’m doing a bit that I’ve never done before, but have had in my notebook for a while.  We’ll see how it goes!

(I am of course not actually that worried.  The bit is 10 minutes max, and I have had several periods of dry activity in the past.  Every time  I come back to the stage I am nervous that I may have lost it, and every time, I end up remembering how much I love performing.  And yeah, I could screw up the bit, or it could not be funny.  But I have learned over my long career that if I am enjoying myself, the audience generally is as well)

If you are in Barcelona, I’d love it if you’d come!  My bit is 10 minutes, and you’ll also see some great comedians, magicians, a juggler, a couple of musicians, and of course, me!

Here’s the details!

Mint Bar. Paseo Isabel II, 4 (08003). See a map
Date:  February 11, 2022
Time: 9:00 pm, doors open at (the show was pushed back 30 minutes)
Duration:  approximately 90 minutes with one break.
Cost:  €10 single, €8 group (4+).  A small fee is charged by the ticket company as well.
Buy Tickets here:


COMEDY & MORE is the first comedy show in Barcelona made up of a variety of acts including magic, improv, musical performances, stand-up comedy, clown, sketch comedy, or juggling. The show will be performed entirely in English & introduced by the talented magician Harris Fellman (Got Talent Spain). See you at one of the best venues for performing arts in town, MINT BAR.

These are bios and photos I culled from the Internets.  I am hoping that once I send this out, they will send me more updated ones and I will update them here!


Name Information
Harris Fellman Harris Fellman (Magician) American born Magician who has recently appeared on Got Talent Spain. I featured Harris on the blog recently.


Bastien Bonilla magician Bastien Bonilla (Mentalist)

Excellent magician and performer. Also performs in French.


John Allis comedian John Allis (Juggler) is a Kiwi born comedian who recently opened up (along with a friend) an English speaking comedy club in Barcelona (but not the one I’m performing in). Hope to perform in his venue soon.
Jaime Lerner ukelele Jaime Lerner (Ukelele-Musician)

Comedian and singer/songwriter from the Tri-State area currently living in Barcelona.
Adam Gertsacov, Clown Adam Gertsacov (Clown) (THAT’S ME!)

Adam is an internationally known clown, now living in Barcelona.  He remains the Clown Laureate in Exile of Greenbelt Maryland, and is still the boss clown of the Acme Clown Company and the Chief of this blog.

websites: |

Lluis Vendrell, Standup Comedian Lluis Vendrell (Stand-Up)

One of the top comedians in English in Barcelona (and one of the producers of this show).  He produces another show called the Dark Comedy Show, which is supposed to be a little filthy.


Cal Murphy singer songwriter Cal Murphy (Guitar-Musician) An Irish born Barcelona Based punky folky singer/songwriter.
Youtube channel
Edwin Skevee, Magician Edwin Skevée (Magician)
Belgian born magician and pianist.
Drielle Dee Rielle (2022’s Funniest BCN; Stand-Up)

A French speaking comedienne based in Barcelona, and who was recently listed as one of the funniest standups in Barcelona.  She also performs in English.


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