BOOK: Amsterdam’s Compleat Fools.

Compleat Fools book

The Festival of Fools Barcelona 2022 is in fool swing right now.  I’ve seen a few of the shows this year so far, and have been posting excerpts of some of the videos I’ve taken over on my Instagram account: If you want to catch any of the festival, you should check out their website There are plenty of […]

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A Fool’s Idea: Web television series and kickstarter

“A FOOL’S IDEA” is a conversational documentary web-series about comedy, performance, life & clown. The Cast of Season One from A Fool’s Idea Each episode (with the exception of a few specials) is focused around one thesis question. Once asked, each artist responds with his or her educated perspective on the matter. Each person has a very different perspective, and […]

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Funambolika 2010 (Pescara, Abruzzo Italy, July 12-14)

Pescara, Abruzzo (Italy) July 12-13-14 2010 FUNAMBOLIKA is the 4th summer season of circus arts conceived by director and writer Raffaele De Ritis. It takes place in Pescara, in the 1200 seats Teatro D´Annunzio, one of Italy’s most prestigious summer arenas, that in the last 58 years hosted the world’s greatest names of the theatre, dance, opera and jazz. In […]

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