Since 1997, has been THE place online for international variety performers to meet, network and share ideas.

The focus of is primarily street performing, and there is a loud and raucous community of some of the best and the brightest. It’s absolutely free to use, and set up as a bulletin board/forum. There are gig postings, a classified section, an opinions section, where people can dish dirt on festivals, pitches, stolen material, give advice on how to get a fuller hat, and review juggling equipment, sound equipment, and even marketing materials. There’s also a library of articles, an online memoriam to past street performers, and a lot of other resources. Most importantly, there is a Green Room for online horseplay and jackpotting. (telling of tales). And there’s quite a bit of that going on!

The forum was started by Jim of the Jim Show, a Boston area entertainer and computer savant who saw quite early the importance of the computer. He started a busking board on his own website, but when things started going fast and furious, moved it over to He’s had quite a lot of help from a number of people in keeping the board active and rolling, and although it hasn’t quite grown as rapidly in recent years, it’s a much loved community asset that Jim moderates and provides for the international community.

To find out more, or to start participating on your own., visit the website listed below:

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