Giants of Commedia: Flaminio Scala

The Glorious Ones

Flaminio Scala was an actor/manager of one of the most pre-eminent commedia companies of his time.  A contemporary of Shakespeare, he was an innovator in that he actually wrote his scenarios down.  Before Scala, scenarios were never written down as they were afraid of being stolen- they were the gold with which you could make hay, and what distiniguished your […]

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Giants of Commedia: Carlo Mazzone-Clementi

Carlo Mazzone-Clementi was the founder of the Dell’arte school of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake California.  He was a childhood friend of Amletto Sartori, Marcel Marceau’s first touring partner, worked with Jacques LeCoq, and performed with Dario Fo, Franca Rama, and Giorgio Strehler at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. In 1959 he came to the United States to teach commedia, […]

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Commedia Mask Museum: Amleto and Donato Sartori

After World War II, the Italian intellectual community was searching for their cultural and historical roots. A number of theatre people started to explore commedia dell’arte, which at that time when it was performed was being done as stodgy museum pieces really devoid of life (think bad Moliere)  A group of artists, including Giorgio Strehler, Dario Fo, Jacques LeCoq, Marcello […]

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It’s Commedia Dell’arte Month on ClownLink! (in honor of International Commedia Day February 25)

While it’s not officially Commedia Dell’arte month anywhere else, here on clownlink we’ve declared it officially commedia dell’arte month!  This is in honor of the second annual International Commedia Dell’arte Day, which will happen on February 25 this year. In honor of that day, each day this month, we’ll present a link of some sort to something commedia related. We […]

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