Good Night PeeWee!

Iconic Peewee Herman

Sad news, friends.  It has just been announced that PeeWee Herman (actor Paul Reubens) has been struggling with cancer for the last 6 years and has just lost that battle, passing away on Sunday evening.. I read it on Rolling Stone, but wanted to write about it here.  He was a big influence on me as a young performer, and […]

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BOOK: Amsterdam’s Compleat Fools.

Compleat Fools book

The Festival of Fools Barcelona 2022 is in fool swing right now.  I’ve seen a few of the shows this year so far, and have been posting excerpts of some of the videos I’ve taken over on my Instagram account: If you want to catch any of the festival, you should check out their website There are plenty of […]

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Four Articulations Workshop: AUG 18-20 (Toronto)

I have been fascinated by American/Australian clown and performer Ira Seidenstein‘s Four Articulations Method for some time. While I haven’t had any direct interaction with the method, it seems to be a creative method using tools and exercises to become more physically articulate with your body, and thus allow yourself to use your full capabilities to express yourself. Michelle Cajolet-Couture, […]

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Get Serious About Your Funny -2/10-3/16/2014 (San Francisco)

The applications for Clown Conservatory’s 5 Week Intensive, Clown: The Physical Comedian, are now online. You’ll find the program and scholarship / financial aid applications, and updated info on all Clown Conservatory’s pages of the Circus Center website. This 5 week workshop in Clown & Physical Comedy features a mixture of training in  Slapstick, Solo & Partner Acrobatics, Improv, Circus Skills and Creating an […]

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